What a beautiful way to earn extra money as a side hustle or even start your own little BEAUTY business!

Love make-up, lashes, brows, skin, the body and wished you could start a business doing it to bring in some extra money until…it brings in so much money you can decide to do it full time in your own business or just continue it as a side hustle!

It is widely known that women spend money every month on beauty items and pampering themselves so this could truly be quick a lucrative, cheeky little side hustle – well why not have some of that money come your way, especially if you have a natural flare for beauty.

Short Courses Ideal to Get You Started

So what do you need to do to make this happen; let this be your year to make things happen for you.

This is a two day course, nationally accredited, where you will get to do 5 full sets, infills and removals. Extra days are available if you still need more time to feel confident in your new skills – these extra days are provided at no extra cost to you. From here you can branch out and learn so many new trending tips and styles, but firstly you must obtain this nationally accredited certificate SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions. Most salons are charging about $150 and up for a full set, with some home business charging a little bit less. Even if you did just 5 clients per week at $150 this would bring you in $750 per week. Its awesome extra money.

This is a one day course and is a workshop as it is not on the Nationally accredited certificate list. It is a great upskill to have as it brings in great money for little time.  It takes approximately 20 minutes to do and you can charge anywhere from $80 to $120. It is best to do this service with Eyelash tinting which is part of another short course (which forms part of the qualification courses for Certificate III in beauty services to Diploma of beauty therapy). If you do the Lash tinting with it you can certainly charge well over $100 and will only take you a maximum of 45 minutes.  Very good money and you can do it when you are available, not having to work on the days you don’t want to.

This is a 3 day course, nationally accredited and if you need more time to feel confident in your new skill, this extra time is offered at no extra cost to you at The Nail and Beauty College. Everyone loves having their eyelashes tinted especially if they go on holidays or are swimming a lot. Not to talk about how everyone loves having their brows shaped and defined, which is why this course is so good for this.  You can make from $25 for 10 minutes work to over $100 for a full eyelash, eyebrow makeup over, which may only take about 45 minutes. Imagine doing just 5 of these a week at $100 each, this would bring you an extra $500 into your wallet per week – isn’t that awesome. This nationally accredited unit is called SHBBFAS001 Provide lash and brow services.

This is a two day course, nationally accredited and is a very popular and quick service to do.  It only takes about 10-15 minutes per client and you can charge about $25 per spray tan. It is great to do it with a group of friends who all want it done and so if 4 people come in, it may take you an hour but you have made $100 for that hour.  Clients that have it done usually will have it done weekly so you can build a great client base with regular clients having this service done every week. This nationally accredited unit is called SHBBBOS001 Apply Spray Tanning products.

So How Do You Get Started As Soon As Possible?

First thing you need to do is go to our short courses page and look for a course of your interest. Check out the dates and the prices. Send through an inquiry to training@nabc.edu.au or submit it from the page saying which unit you are interested in, or call The Nail and Beauty College on (07) 3881 1977 to book your spot. The team will send you an enrolment pack via email and once you have completed it and sent it back in and made payment, you will receive your enrolment letter.

This is your year for you – do it!