What Is The Best Course To Do If I Want To Get Into The Beauty Industry?

Choosing the right qualification in beauty depends on your career goals, and you don’t necessarily have to start with a Certificate III before pursuing a Diploma; understanding the differences between the qualifications will help you select the one aligned with your desired career path.

The best thing you can do when deciding which would be the best course, would be to come in and chat to one of our specialist course staff – who can discuss what your passionate about and ensure you are choosing the correct course with the subjects you are interested in.


The most important thing to understand is if you want to work in the Para-medical field of beauty – so doing IPL, laser etc, then you will need to study a Diploma of Beauty Therapy first. You can do this over a year course – 3 days per week, or over a year and a half 1.5 days per week at our campus. Or if you are interested in the skin and body then this is your ideal course. With career pathways into salons and spa’s this gives you the best employment options out there.

In this course your main focus will be on the skin, and understanding the skin and how to recognise different skin conditions and develop a treatment plan for your client as well as understand what equipment would be best to improve their skin conditions. One of the units maintain infection control standards is a pre-requisite for microdermabrasion which is also in the Diploma of Beauty Therapy qualification. This is important to know as the maintain infection control standards is also required if you wish to go on and study the IPL and laser qualification after your Diploma of Beauty Therapy. There are changes happening with the government at the moment and there is talk that you may need to do 12 months of work prior to commencing the IPL and Laser qualification so you gain the practical skills that are so important to you.

In the Diploma of Beauty Therapy you will also learn 4 different massage skills – aromatherapy, Swedish massage, lymphatic massage and hot stone massage. This is very beneficial for your employability if you wish to work in a spa. You will also learn reflexology, Indian head massage, body treatments which is great for pampering services. You will also learn waxing, female intimate waxing, manicure and pedicures, tinting and spray tanning as well as business, customer care and working in a clinic environment and taking bookings at reception. This qualification covers 25 units you will study over the course.


This qualification covers 19 units that you will study over a year full time 3 days per week or for part time it will take you 1.5 years, 1.5 days per week.

The main difference between Cert IV and Diploma is that you wont get to do the aromatherapy, essential oils, reflexology, Indian head massage or business units. So if you want to work in some top Spa’s, or travel the world working on the cruise liners etc, then you really need to do the diploma rather.

However if you need assistance with Centrelink then you will not be able to do the Diploma of Beauty Therapy as a fee for service student, because they only offer support for cert IV and lower full time student.


There is a number of certificate III options, and this is particularly good for those who want to be a make-up artist or a Nail Technologist.

There is 15 units you will cover in the certificate III qualification. We have multiple options for students who want to run their own business as a makeup artist or Nail Tech or if they want to work in a salon doing waxing, manicures, pedicures, eyelash extension, brow shaping and tinting and spray tanning. The main difference at a certificate III level is that you don’t normally get to do facials, massage, body treatments, facial equipment and aromatherapy. We do however have a qualification we have created to help those who want the certificate III option but also want to work in a salon doing facials.

Choosing the correct course is so important and can help set you up for a very successful future in your chosen career.

If you wish to come and chat about all your options then call us on (07) 3881 1977, and make a time to come and see us. Alternatively you can email on training@nabc.edu.au and we can send you through information.