Do I Really Need a Certificate To Be Qualified To Do Beauty?

Well the answer is absolutely you need to be qualified and hold a certificate!

There are two misconceptions with beauty – one is that it is easy and I can learn it off YouTube and secondly that I can start a business doing beauty without Insurance!  This is especially true for Nails, when students say, omg there is so much more you get from the being taught face to face with the trainer and assessor.  And think about it, what could go wrong if you are not correctly trained in Eyelash extensions! What happens if you glue your client’s eyes together – oh my goodness, that would be a disaster and very stressful! So yes lots can go wrong if you are not correctly trained.

Well my response to this is, how can you be the very best at what you do unless you have trained and become Nationally recognised.  And even if you have a natural flare at doing beauty such as make-up, well then wouldn’t you want to further exceed in this, in your own business, so you can promote yourself and feel super confident in all your skills and your qualifications – and be proud of it!

Why do you want to hold a certificate and be qualified in your new skill!

Most insurance companies will not insure you unless you show you have a Nationally accredited certificate to work on clients.

It is most peoples aim in life to achieve the very best in growth, in skills and knowledge throughout their life.  It is also important if you are wanting to work on clients that you do a very good, thorough and professional job so that your name gets out there, that you are the best!

You want to be winning in life and show confidence in what you do, and the only way to do that is to train professionally in it, and to do a Nationally accredited certificate so that it is recognized nationally in Australia!  Why pay for a non nationally accredited course and sometimes even pay more for the not accredited course, when you can be Nationally accredited and study and a Registered training organisation.

How do you know if the course is nationally accredited?

First ask the question, and secondly look for their RTO no. Registered training organisation number – it should be under a symbol that is an upside down triangle.

Another key thing to look for to see if it is nationally recognised is if it has a code such as SHBBFAS001 with the name of the unit next.

You can also look on  and go into and put in the code or name and it will tell you if it is nationally recognised.

Be the very best you can be for yourself and your potential clients.  You owe it to them and you deserve it!

If you want further information about what courses you can do that are Nationally Accredited take a look at our courses. We are here to help you, contact us