Preparing For a Job Interview in The Beauty Industry Can Be a Little Daunting

If you overdress, it can seem little to much, if you underdress it doesn’t seem like your not passionate enough!

We’ve put together a beauty industry interview must do list, this will ensure that you’ve covered all area’s so that you attend your interview dressed appropriately with a good understanding of what you need to know about the workplace and also being able to provide the appropriate information that the workplace will need to know about you!

Take a look through our list and be confident at your next interview!

Preparing For a Job Interview in The Beauty Industry Can Be a Little Daunting

Job interview MUST DO’s for the Beauty Industry:

  • Be prepared – research the business you are going for an interview at, and know when they started, who the owner is, what products they use, if they have won any awards, what hours they open, and what treatments they perform.
  • Dress ideally in your Salon workwear – Tunic and long pants if you have. Always present in Business attire. Enclosed black shoes.
  • Have your hair neatly back (investing in a donut bun is a great idea for long hair as it needs to not fall forward from a pony tail).
  • Have light classic makeup for business. Look professional, and think “would I employ me”
  • Wear only a light fragrance if any (fresh aroma), no nail polish and well groomed shorter nails.
  • Have a copy of all your certificates, paperwork and resume with you to leave them a copy with. Hand it to them at the beginning of the interview so they know you are an organised, prepared team player.
  • Be on time – not flustered.  Be calm.
  • On entering, approach the reception desk, having eye contact and introducing yourself by full name and state who you are there to see.  Use professional verbal communication skills.

Make sure you have practiced some questions and answers for during the interview such as:

  • What days and hours are your available?
  • What is your favourite treatments and why?
  • Tell me an example of how you handled any negative feedback that you have been exposed to.
  • What is your 1 year goal and 5 year goal.
  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • Do you see yourself a team player and what does being a team player mean to you?
  • What did you like best about your last job?
  • Do you like sales and recommending products to clients?
  • What is your best asset you be proud to bring to our team?
  • What future skills goals do you have?
  • How many hours do you want to work?
  • Do you have any problems working at night or weekends?
  • Sometimes the interviewer will ask if you have any questions, so think about it prior and be prepared.
  • And lastly when you leave, Thank them for their time and you look forward to being part of their team and hearing back from them soon.

We hope you can find these tips helpful and Good luck at your next interview, implement the above tips and you’ll do just great!